Atlas de Especies Invasoras de Puerto Rico

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Grants and Funding


U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Grant and Partnership Programs that Can Address Invasive Species Research, Technical Assistance, Prevention and Control - Federal Fiscal Year 2013 (Dec 12, 2012; PDF | 341 KB)
U.S. Department of Agriculture.
This workbook contains basic information on programs in USDA that could be used to fund and support invasive species related projects. This list should be a helpful place to start a search for sources of technical and financial resources for invasive species activities but may not include all potential invasive species funding opportunities. Please use this workbook to help in your important and vital work in safeguarding and enhancing natural, recreational and agricultural resources.

The USDA hopes this information is helpful for those working with invasive species. Partnerships and cost-sharing programs help all of us advance our goals of protecting our agricultural resources and ensure safe, healthy land and water for all of us to enjoy. Join with USDA in fighting invasive species: prepare, protect, and prevent. Thank you for all your hard work and all your future work in this important area.